Emily + Cole + Evie | 1-year

I’m know I’m a newborn photographer.  And y’all must think, “Oh, she only photographs newborns.”

Let me tell you a secret.

I LOVE ALL babies. Of nearly ALL ages.

I was giddy to photograph baby Evie and her family to celebrate her first year of life.  We chose to drive up to Boulder around sunset.  Her mama is a fello photographer, so she was totally on board with pushing our luck and shooting late in the evening for the sake of gorgeous light.  Colorado did not disappoint.

Photographing little ones at sunset can be tricky sometimes, especially in the summertime when it’s nearly their bedtime.  On top of it being bedtime, Evie was coming down with a virus so she was not feeling her best. But this is real life.  We can’t predict a fussy day or a sick day.  We make the most of what life throws at us and we make it beautiful.

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Crews | Family

I love everything about fall in Colorado.  Vibrant colors, crunchy leaves, and perfect temperatures. I grew up in San Diego, so experiencing actual seasons is still pretty awesome to me.  And fall is probably one of my favorites.

I always look forward to fall family photos.  Even though most of the time, I can’t share them until after Christmas. I thrive on the rush to get photos taken in time to send out Christmas cards.  And what’s even better is getting Christmas cards from my clients with images I took front and center.

This sweet family is one of my favorite families to photograph.  Not only are they gracious and kind, but the are so easy to photograph.  They come prepared, but once I pull my camera out, they are completely content to go with the flow.  So now that I can share, here are some of my favorites.

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Baby E | 8 Days

This Mama and Daddy have waited so long to meet their sweet boy.  This session was particularly special because this little guy made these two parents thru adoption.  As a mom myself, I know how special it is to bring your new baby home.  I do.  But there was a different feel in the air and a feeling of gratitude from these two.  I was busy posing their baby and every now and then, I’d turn around to see them with their arms around each other just admiring the miracle that was theirs…and maybe even some tears in their eyes.  I have such respect for adoptive parents and birth moms.  I just cannot imagine the emotions felt on both sides.  The loss on both sides.  The gratitude on both sides.  Sad and happy and exciting and scary.  Man.  What a roller coaster.  What a privilege it was to capture this family’s very first family photos.  And to capture the joy and awe.  Little boy, you are so loved.

Newborn Photography Adoption DenverNewborn Photography Adoption DenverNewborn Photography Adoption Denver

Gretchen | 10.5 Months

Here is Miss Gretchen.  She is almost a 1-year old!!  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  I have totally enjoyed documenting her since she was a tiny newborn.  I know they always say “It goes too fast!”  But as a mom myself, I can confirm that time seems to fly by once you have kids.  And us moms are desperate to find a way to slow it down because we know we will never get this time back with our littles.  At least we have pictures to jog our memory.  We can document those goofy grins or those dimples on their hands.  And for that, I am oh so thankful.

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Jessica and Family | Maternity

Jessica is an amazing fellow photographer.  I am incredibly lucky that we trade photo sessions every year and I’m so excited to share her maternity session with y’all.  She is adding another sweet girl to her family in a couple of months and I know everyone is so excited to meet her.

Jessica picked out her dress for our session a while ago.  I love that she chose something soft and feminine.  A bonus to photographing a fellow photographer is that she shares her amazing locations with me.  These were taken in Boulder near the Flatirons. The weather was perfect and the light was amazing.  It couldn’t have been better.

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