Baby E | 8 Days

This Mama and Daddy have waited so long to meet their sweet boy.  This session was particularly special because this little guy made these two parents thru adoption.  As a mom myself, I know how special it is to bring your new baby home.  I do.  But there was a different feel in the air and a feeling of gratitude from these two.  I was busy posing their baby and every now and then, I’d turn around to see them with their arms around each other just admiring the miracle that was theirs…and maybe even some tears in their eyes.  I have such respect for adoptive parents and birth moms.  I just cannot imagine the emotions felt on both sides.  The loss on both sides.  The gratitude on both sides.  Sad and happy and exciting and scary.  Man.  What a roller coaster.  What a privilege it was to capture this family’s very first family photos.  And to capture the joy and awe.  Little boy, you are so loved.

Newborn Photography Adoption DenverNewborn Photography Adoption DenverNewborn Photography Adoption Denver

August 25, 2015 - 12:48 am

Maria Manjelo - Beautiful newborn photographs. Amazing job. Bravo!

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