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How precious are these two little girls?  Meet Abigail and Naomi.  Born at 39 weeks…can you believe it!  They weighed in at 7 pounds 3 oz and 6 pounds 12 oz, respectively.  That is nearly 14 pounds of baby their Mama Liz’s belly…I’d say that is pretty amazing.  These little girls came home to three older siblings.  Nathan and Liz thought they’d “even it out” with just one more baby.  Ha!  God clearly had other plans and a sense of humor.

It’s quite incredible how different we humans are even at just 8 days new.   Abi is laid back.  Naomi is feisty.   And the bond between them is very much apparent.  I guess they did spend 9 months getting used to one another.  They were happiest when they were snuggled right next to each other.  And forget being close to each other and try to adjust their position.  They positioned themselves exactly how they wanted to be so that is what I captured.

I love photographing babies.  But honestly, I adore meeting other moms too.  It’s nice to connect and relate and to compare notes.  And Liz was especially amazing.  Our conversation was effortless and there was some bonding to be had.  I felt like I was just spending the morning at a friends house.  What an amazing job I have.

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