Max | Denver Newborn Photographer | Golden Colorado

Meet Max.  He was born a few weeks ago at 8 pounds 10 oz which is just shocking to me!  He did not look like that big of a baby, but he has the longest legs ever.  I’m still convinced that the hospital forgot to zero out the scale.

He is second son to Gwen and David and little brother to Ben.  Side note:  Ben is obsessed with laundry.  Like, he has his own pretend washer and dryer and when I put my blanket in the dryer to get rid of some wrinkles, he diligently watched the dryer for us.  When we needed him to be quite and find something to do, we would just ask him to go check on the laundry and he was happy to oblige.  Seriously the cutest thing in the whole world.  He will make a fantastic husband someday.

Ok, back to the newborn session.  Max’s daddy is a fireman, so we could not end the session without putting him in his daddy’s helmet.  Little Max was a little challenging to get to sleep, but I have all the time in the world and lots of patience.  So eventually, I won.  And while his Mommy nursed him, I grabbed a few updated shots of Ben.  You can find those here.

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