L & L | Airport Outtakes

Last year I took this picture of our girls at the airport.  My husband has a canvas of this on his office wall.  Partially because we have about 2 whole pictures of the girls together where they both look happy, but that’s beside the point.  We love this picture.

We just took a trip to San Diego and since we arrived so early at the airport on our way home, what better way to spend our time than to try to get another picture in the terminal, right?  Combine the fact that we packed in our vacation with an excursion every day with the lack of sleep since we didn’t have time for the usual three-hour naps and waiting for our flight during what would normally be naptime, all we got were outtakes.  And I still love them.  They capture exactly where we are in life.  I guess if I want less crazy girls in the now traditional “terminal” photo, I guess I should take it on our way to our destination rather than on our way home from an exhausting vacation.  Or not.

Linley:  Yeah, I’ll hug my sister for a yogurt pretzel…

Landri:  How about I show you my gymnastics!  Linley:  I can do that too.

Thanks for the yogurt pretzel.

Landri:  I’ll give you one good smile for another.  Linley:  I’d like another, please!  They’re right over there!

Will these smiles do the trick?

Just for comparison sake, here is an outtake from last year.  I might actually like this one better than the first.  Linley’s face completely cracks me up.

There is a lot of things about one and three year olds that really drive me nuts.  Like Landri crying because she doesn’t like chapstick.  Or Linley screaming because she only wants to eat butter for dinner.  But I’ve learned to let go of the “perfect” picture.  These are perfect for us.


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