How can she be almost 1? | Denver Baby Photographer | Golden Colorado

Little girl, you are growing up way to fast.  When did you decide that you would not look in the direction of my camera?  Your birthday is a month from yesterday.

How on earth did time fly by?  You are nearly walking…or should I say running?  You just let go and take as many steps as you can before falling.  And you are so petite…only the 3rd percentile for your weight…I guess after your big sister, I never expected to have a petite child.

You love avocados.  You absolutely refuse to leave anything in your hair.  And I’d love it if you slept through the night, but I’ll take the 6 hour stretch you give me.  Some day.  But for now, I’ll just enjoy my little girl.  You wont be this little forever.  I love you sweet girl.  To the moon and back.

Here are a couple of pictures from our walk the other night.

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